Buying Beds & Mattresses

At Perfect Dreams Beds North Wales, we can help you find the bed that is right for you to make sure you will get the best nights sleep at a very good price. Whatever you are looking from divans, mattresses, bedsteads, headboards, adjustable beds and orthopaedic beds we can help you find your ideal solution.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket-sprung mattresses offer a touch of luxury with many individual small springs housed in fabric pockets. They provide better support for your body ranging from soft, medium to firm support mattresses.

Open Coil Mattresses

Open coil differs from pocket sprung in that there are on a double mattress usually around 360 springs. The springs are linked together through a wire frame, because the springs are not in individual pockets this makes the mattress a cheaper option from pocket sprung.

Memory Foam

The Memory Foam mattress has the amazing ability to mould to the shape of your body with its soft and elastic elements. The technology of the memory foam mattress has been proven to improve back pain or discomfort to provide an easy resting sleep.

Divan Beds

A divan bed is the most popular and simple style of bed available, you can buy either the divan base or a base and mattress package.  There are two main types, sprung divans or platform top divans. Platform top divans are ideal for a firmer feel and sprung divans offer extra comfort by having springs in the base for a softer feel.

A Metal Bed

A metal Bed can provide an absolutely stunning bedframe or headboards from single to six foot, a really good option to consider if you are looking for a vintage feel or just something a little bit different.

Upholstered or Leather Bed Frames

Upholstered and leather bed frames are at the top of the style ladder as they add a luxurious look to your bedroom. There is a high demand for upholstered and leather bed frames as they can be coordinated to match any style of bedroom you are creating.

Wooden Beds

Wooden beds come in a wide variety of finishes from solid oak, pine, beech and painted wood finishes to name a few.  These beds would be perfect for that natural finished look in your bedroom and painted finishes are often ideal for children’s rooms or country style bedrooms. There are wooden beds available with an internal metal frame to ensure a safe and sound structured bed.